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Virus Removal / Slow Running PC

Is your computer unresponsive? Do you see popups frequently while you’re on the Internet? Is your PC locked with an FBI type screen? If so, you may be a victim of a malware/virus infection. These programs do not simply cause annoying pop-ups they can also lead to identity theft & stealing other personal information such as your usernames & passwords. We can help you remove it WITHOUT deleting your personal files.

PC Boot Issues

Is your desktop or laptop not booting to Windows? Maybe it keeps restarting or boots to a blue screen. Newer PCs may boot to screens such as “Windows Error Recovery” or “Startup Repair” and is unable to repair the system automatically. We can diagnose that for you completely free of charge with absolutely no obligation to go with service. If it turns out it’s too expensive to repair, you’re welcome to take it back as is. No hidden fees.

Cracked Screens or
No Screen At All

Did someone drop your laptop or accidentally hit the screen? Maybe your laptop remains at a black screen. We can resolve most laptop screen issues at a fraction of the cost of a new laptop. Plus with our FREE diagnostic, we’ll let you know if your laptop is even worth repairing before fixing anything so you have absolutely nothing to lose. If you choose not to repair your laptop, we can recover the data from it as well such as your documents, photos, etc.

Other Desktop / Laptop Tech Services

  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Password Reset & Recovery
  • PC Tune-Up
  • Hardware Installation & Upgrade
  • Software Installation & Upgrade
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 8.1 Installation & Upgrade
  • Memory Upgrade – Improve the Speed of Your PC

Most Common Desktop
Repairs We Encounter

  • PC doesn’t boot to Windows
  • Bad hard drive
  • Blue screen errors
  • PC shuts down by itself or constantly restarts
  • Doesn’t turn on at all, no signs of power
  • Viruses & other malware constantly popping up, sometimes causing Internet not to work

Most Common Laptop
Repairs We Encounter

  • Water or liquid damage to laptop motherboard.
  • “No operating system found” or “No bootable device” error messages
  • LCD screen cracked or nothing appearing on the screen (black screen)
  • Missing keyboard keys or keyboard not working at all
  • PC running too slow
  • PC shuts down by itself or gets too hot
  • CPU fan failed & doesn’t spin at all

Apple Services

Is your Mac not booting? Showing a simple folder icon at boot up? Maybe it’s running slow due to viruses? Or you simply have a cracked screen or not showing any signs of power. Whatever it is, bring your Macbook Pro or iMacs over to us and we can save you hundreds from going to the Apple Store. Don’t believe us? Then bring it over for a completely FREE no obligation diagnostic & estimate so you have nothing to lose by bringing it to us

Cosmetic Damage

Do you have a laptop that you don’t believe is worth fixing? Maybe the hinges & screen are broken? Or it’s in 2 pieces? Whatever the issue may be, we have repaired numerous issues like this at a fraction of the cost of a new one, many times less than $90 for parts, labor, & taxes bringing your laptop back to like-new condition. If you’re not sure, bring it by and we’ll check it completely free & if it is too expensive you can take it back as is with absolutely no charge. So what do you have to lose?

Data Backup & Recovery

database.jpgDo you believe your PC has crashed & you want your files back at least? Or maybe your memory card from your smart phone or camera seems to have accidentally deleted your precious photos of family & friends. We can help you recover those important photos and files back without breaking your wallet. If we can’t recover anything, there’s no charge at all. So it’s worth a shot, give us a call today or stop in.

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